ShopWise Save Big Promo


shopwise Save Big promo

Make the most out of your budget with your favorite Save Big promo!

Get huge savings on our Buy 1kg Take 500g FREE on select fresh items;

Price Drop on breakfast starters, snack items, canned goods and more!

Click on the images to go the official image from Shopwise Facebook page.

shopwise BigSave fruits shopwiseBig Save meat



shopwise BigSave seafoods shopwise BigSave snacks

Shopwise BigSave frozen delights Shopwise BigSave creamy bites

shopwise BigSave freebiesShopwise BigSave bundles

shopwise BigSave home

shopwise BigSave kitchen

Promo is until August 3  only.

Disclaimer: This promo hasn’t been checked in the store yet, so some of the items or promo may not be available in Shopwise Cagayan de Oro.


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