Apple Tree Fantastic Deals

Take Advantage of this Fantastic Deals from Apple Tree!


Apple Tree Rainy Season Deal on Rooms

Get as much as 30% OFF on all room accommodations starting today July 24 until the 28th with FREE of charge for the 3rd person and access to the Infinity and Sea Horse-shaped Pools!


* 30% off on all rooms based on published tariff with breakfast good for 2 persons.
* Free of charge for the 3rd person (without breakfast).
* Applicable for walk-in guests only.
* Check in time is 6pm and check out time is 12nn the next day.
* Free use of Infinity and Sea Horse-Shaped pools.
* Not applicable for group bookings and live-in seminars.


Get 20% OFF on Infinity Pool, and Sea Horse-shaped Pool access from July 24-28, 2017!


* 20% off on Infinity pool, and Sea Horse-shaped Pool (based on published tariff).
* Applicable for walk-in guests only


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