Laga Pool 1st Anniversary Promo

laga pool anniversary

Laga Pool celebrates their 1st anniversary with a 50% discount.

As a way of thanking their valued guests, Laga pool is offering 50% discount in all their cottages on May 1.
First come, first serve. Reservations are accepted.

These are the rates of their cottages based from their Facebook page.

c0ttage 1-17 g0od for 12 pax – P400
c0ttage 18 g0od for 18 pax – P700
c0ttage 19 g0od f0r 30 pax – P1,000
c0ttage 20 g0od f0r 50 pax, P2,000
c0ttage 21-23 g0od for 25 pax, P800
FUNCTION HALL – good for 120 pax, P4,000

Entrance Fee

KIDS 5 to14 yrs old – P30

Laga Pool is located at Kiungab, Solana, Jasaan.

Approx 1km from the highway from the Barangay road going San Isidro (where Sagpulon Falls is located) if going to Jasaan, from the highway, turn right on the barangay road right beside Spring View resort.

Here are some photos from Laga Pool Facebook page.

laga pool 2

laga pool 3

laga pool 4

laga pool 5


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